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We live in a world where people are completely dependent on smartphones and laptops. Just with a mere internet connection, everything can be accessible nowadays. Be it online shopping, procuring information, downloading music or movies, and social media… it’s all just a click away!
But have you ever wondered how it has become possible? The answer to the above questions is - website development, where developers develop different web pages or sites which people can access online.
The term Web Development is associated with the programming (data processing) of a website. It is the job of developers to create well programmed and extremely compatible site. We can say that it is synonymous to building the engine of an automobile. This is just to opposite of the web designers who are expected to have creative blend of mind and much focused on basic designing facet of a site. Developers are mainly responsible for:
Writing code for websites or web applications by using programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP etc.
Integrating graphics, audio, and video into the website
Developing, coding, and testing server-side applications
Managing E-commerce transactions, inventory, and SMS deliveries
Managing Databases for better perfromance
Development of a website or application with rich user experience
Optimization of codings and media
Professional developers can diligently shape up one’s imagination virtually and that to in an effective and accessible manner.
Although the work of developers is not visible to the ultimate users of a site, they are responsible for adding user’s experience while browsing the sites.
They are required to provide functionality to a site therefore their task involves extreme methodical and logical thinking.